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Safety Switch Test

Smoke Alarms Mackay are qualified electricians, not just technicians.  Which means that we can test, replace and/or install the safety switches at your property all in one visit.

A safety switch is a device that suddenly switches off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected.  This minimises the risk of fires, injuries, electric shock and death.

One safety switch may not be enough.  Queensland government recommends having safety switches installed on all circuits.  It is essential that you have a working safety switches within your home.

Installation of Smoke Alarms, Sales and ServicesCall (07) 4998 5996

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation Deadline

Time is ticking...

The new Queensland smoke alarm legislation deadline is fast approaching.  All properties leased or sold in Queensland are required to meet these new regulations from January 1st 2022.

Under the new legislation, every Queensland residence will need to be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms of the home as well as in hallways or between areas containing bedrooms.

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